The Perfect Pie Side Dish

The Perfect Pie Side Dish

In our humble (and somewhat biased) opinion, there’s nothing as satisfying as a delicious savoury pie for dinner…a delicate yet robust sauce enveloping your favourite filling, wrapped up in buttery pasty that has been baked to crispy perfection.

Whether it’s a Turner’s award winning pie or another of your favourite pie brands; whether the filling is meat or plant based and whether it’s encased in rich buttery shortcrust or light fluffy puff pastry is all up for debate. As is the perfect side dish to serve up with one of Britains favourite dinners…

Traditionalists will opt for buttery mashed potato; a metaphorical hug that is the authentic accompaniment for the classic comfort food. Others might prefer a healthy, light side dish to off set the indulgence of of the pie.

We have hunted down some side dishes that we think are worthy partners for our pies. Here are our favourites.

Roasted Broccoli with Garlic and Parmesan

Make veg taste amazing!

Savoury broccoli and salty cheese, lightly kissed with lemon…this side dish is a great way to get the whole family enjoying the green stuff.

The freshness of the broccoli and the indulgence of the cheese make it a perfectly balanced accompaniment to a pie.

See the recipe here

Mixed Vegetable Bake

Simple seasonings are all you need to flavour this colourful medley of roasted vegetables.

Mixed vegetable bake – satisfying and simple to prepare

See the recipe here

Green Beans with Wholegrain Mustard

Mustard and pie are already a classic match…so why not add the freshness of green beans for a versatile side dish that can be prepared at the last minute.

Green beans dressed with creamy wholegrain mustard

See the recipe here

Simple Green Salad with Lemon Dressing

If you’re opting for a rich filling such as our Steak & Stilton or Steak & Mature Cheddar pies, why not balance it out with a simple but delicious green salad and some crusty bread?

Fresh leaves, dressed well makes this basic salad taste amazing. The combination of oil and acid in the dressing helps our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients from the greens too. Super clever!

A green salad and crusty bread are super easy pie partners

See the recipe here

Jersey Royals with Butter and Herbs

When they’re in season Jersey Royals are such a treat we think they should be enjoyed as much as possible.

Allow the fresh flavours of the jersey royals to shine through by preparing them simply, with butter and herbs.

When in season Jersey Royals are perfect served with a warm crusty pie

See the recipe here

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

We couldn’t write a blog about pie accompaniments and leave out the classic partner for a Turner’s Pie…good old fashioned mash. Hot, perfect mashed, buttery potatoes is one of those dishes that will never go out of favour or be lost to fashion or fads. They are the backbone of British Food.

The ultimate in comfort food…hot, buttery mashed potatoes

See the recipe here

Luckily our award winning pies freeze beautifully and heat from fresh or frozen in just 25-35 minutes. So as long as you keep your freezer stocked all you have to worry about preparing is the side dish!

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