The Gift of Pie

The Gift of Pie

We’ve always known that there is some serious love out there for the great British tradition of a good pie, our Turner’s Pie store customers have been raving about their love of our pies for decades.

When we launched our Pies by Post service in 2018 our main purpose was to make our pies accessible to everyone, not just those lucky enough to live close by to one of our stores.

What has blown us away though is the number of customers with a desire to share the pie love with their nearest and dearest by sending them a box of our pies as a gift for a special occasion or just to show they care.

The Pies by Post delivery service allows you to place an order online using our super user-friendly website and have it sent to a lucky recipient on a date of your choice. You can include a personalised message and with our Gift Pie Pack you can even choose a short message for us to hand bake onto one of the pies! Needless to say, our pies have become a popular choice of gift for pie lovers, those who are notoriously hard to buy for and anyone who deserves a bit of pie love to brighten up their lives.

These are some of our favourite examples of customers gifting a box of Turner’s award winning pies…

Father’s Day

What do you buy a man who seemingly has everything? Father’s Day gift decisions can be tricky but a box of Turner’s Pies seems to be the perfect way to thank first time dads and established grandads alike for everything they have done.

We can hand bake personalised messages onto our pies

The convenience of the Pies by Post service means that even if you’re not lucky enough to live close to your Dad and see him on Father’s Day you can rely on us to deliver your gift on the date of your choice with your own personal message.


Who wouldn’t want to receive a box of delicious pies for their Birthday? Our customers have been gifting friends and family with the gift of pie for their birthdays and relishing the gratitude they get for the thoughtfulness. Some forward-thinking customers even order gifts for all the birthdays on their calendar with specified delivery dates so they can sit back safe in the knowledge their birthday gifting duties are done for the year!  

Who needs cake when you have a Turner’s Pie to tuck into!


We love Christmas as it’s when we launch our festive products, including our infamous Turkey, Gammon and Cranberry Pie! Knowing how popular our Christmas products are we also launch a Christmas Pie pack full of Turner’s festive treats for home delivery.

Loved by savvy Christmas shopping customers, our festive pie pack is a popular gift that can see the recipient through Christmas and New Year with a selection of sweet and savoury goodies.

New Baby

When a new baby arrives, whether it’s to first time parents or an already established family, the best gift you can give is the gift of time. There’s only so many Babygro’s and cuddly toys a new parent can have, but a freezer full of delicious and convenient dinners is invaluable if it gives them more time to enjoy that new-born bubble.

A box of Turner’s Pies with a personalised message welcoming a new baby to the world will undoubtedly be well received.


There’s no denying 2020 has been a rough year. We feel very fortunate to have been classed as key workers for sending pie supplies to hundreds of people in isolation during the Covid lockdown.  And we weren’t the only ones spreading pie love to keep peoples spirits up during difficult times. A delivery of pies to keep in the freezer as a supply of convenient and nutritious meals was the perfect solution for those loved ones who were unable to go out to the shops.

Feeling inspired to share some pie love? Head over to Pies by Post to browse our Award Winning pie selections for home delivery.

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