Stop Food Waste Day 🌎

Stop Food Waste Day 🌎

Stop food waste day becomes increasingly important every year. It’s a day that can be used to educate and ignite change around the global food waste issue.

Here at Turner’s Pies we do what we can to reduce food waste and are always looking to do more whilst being proud of what we already do.

We bake our pies fresh to order (Pies by Post and Click & Collect) and our shop demand every day. We constantly review in-store demand to work out how much is needed and our team then bake our pies fresh. We then sell as much as possible in-store, and any remaining, which is always a good low figure, will be sold in our Too Good To Go bags.

A huge selling point of ours is that our pies are freshly baked, and we do what we can to reduce wastage that way.

Over a year ago now, we launched our partnership with Too Good To Go. This partnership has helped us save 2,631 meals and 6.58 tonnes of CO2e. 

Too Good To Go works by listing items we may have left over at the end of the day at a reduced price through the app. This ensures our wastage is as low as possible throughout our shops.

Not only do we work with Too Good To Go to reduce food waste, but we also source produce locally wherever possible.

We believe that to eat well while supporting the reduction of food waste, it is important to use local businesses, this also helps support local which we are also big believers of being a small local business ourselves.

For more information on Stop Food Waste Day visit:

Purchase through Click & Collect today and get your hands on some fresh delicious pies, or if you’re wanting something straight to your door, order through Pies by Post!

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