New Year, New resolutions

New Year, New resolutions

We’re already celebrating all of the accomplishments of 2021 and excited to show you what is already coming in 2022!

There’s nothing like stepping into a New Year knowing what you have achieved the previous year… and what’s yet to come!

Some proud moments for us from 2021?

Waste not, want more

In the past 12 months we launched our partnership with Too Good To Go in 2021 and we’re proud to say we have saved 1,718 meals and 4.29 tonnes of CO2e, helping reduce our overall food waste. The Too Good To Go scheme helps us do just that. On top of this we source local produce where possible too. Our goal? To have no carbon footprint! We will carry on doing what we can to reach this goal.

Looking after our own

Our staff are important to us, they’re an extension of our very own Turner’s family. We look after our staff by ensuring they earn at least the national living wage (over national minimum wage). The national living wage is a reflection of the real cost of living as we all need a wage that meets our everyday needs, this change has led us to proudly become accredited by the National Living Wage Foundation

New Year, New Flavours

This brings us onto our product launch this January. You may have seen our sneak peek already – we’re proud to announce our new pie flavour (Drum roll please) Our Butternut Chilli and Cheese Pie. We wanted to create a new pie flavour that would compliment the current range, becoming loved by our current customers, while ensuring we can continue to be more inclusive of potential dietary requirements, helping others taste Turner’s Pies too! The reaction from our taste-testers has been really encouraging and we’re convinced you will really enjoy the pies as well as the ethos behind it. A plus? Not only can eating plant based reduce your own carbon footprint massively but with our pie it’s a very tasty way to do it. There is a little bit of spice that will keep you on your toes and will have you wanting a plant-based diet even more than once a week!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our tasting sessions from next week too! We will be in the following stores on the following dates:

Thursday 20th January 10am-2pm : Bognor store
Friday 21st January 10am-2pm : Broadwater store
Thursday 27th January 10am-2pm : Rustington store
Friday 28th January 10am-2pm : Chichester store

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