Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cooking instructions for a Turner's Pie?

For best results place in the middle of your oven, preheated at 180ºC/gas mark 4 for 25 minutes for small pies and 35 minutes for large pies or until golden brown and piping hot throughout. Times may vary depending on your appliance.

Can I freeze my pies?

Our pies are baked fresh daily and can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Defrost the pie before reheating and make sure its cooked throughout before serving. Do not refreeze.

How long can my pie be kept in the fridge?

Our pies are made fresh the day you purchased them so they will be in top condition in your fridge for 4 days including the day of purchase.

Do you offer gluten-free pies?

We have been working hard to develop a range of gluten free pies that we are proud to call a Turner's Pie. Availability is imminent.

Keep an eye on our social media and visit our website to join our gluten free club for updates.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order on our website through click and collect. Orders can also be placed by telephone to the shop you wish to collect from. If the order is placed before midday you can collect next day.

Bognor: 01243 841511

Rustington: 01903 779444

Chichester: 01243 533903

When is the earliest I can collect an order through Click and collect?

Our online click and collect service is for next day at the earliest, orders for tomorrow must be placed by midday today. If you need an order for the same day its best to ring your local shop to confirm availability and place the order by telephone.

Bognor Regis: 01243 841511

Rustington: 01903 779444

Chichester: 01243 533903

Can I purchase Gift Vouchers online?

You can purchase vouchers in shop or online with our click and collect service. They are normally collected at the shop in person. 

Do you have Delivery service?

We have a mail order pies service "Pies by Post" where you can arrange to have range of refrigerated pie packs delivered to your door. For more information visit or click the link on our homepage.

What are the symbols on top of the pies?

Pie identification is as follows

(Leaf) = Chicken & Ham Pie

(O) = Steak & Stilton Pie

(X) = Steak & Ale Pie

(S) = Steak & Kidney Pie

(Bow) = Turkey and cranberry

(M) = Mince beef

Where can I get allergen information?

In each of our stores you can ask for information on allergens. We are always happy to help you find the right pie.